German expert: the EU can apply “the Belarusian scenario” in Ukraine

“The EU can impose sanctions on Ukraine”, - said in an interview to the Ukrainian edition of the “Commander” On May 14 the German political scientist Alexander Rahr.

“See how to enter Belarus. The same may apply to the Ukraine. Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU, recall of ambassadors, block the bill. Businesses will say, do not go to the Ukraine, do not hurry. Ukrainian opposition, as well as Belarus, will take in all European capitals. Almost in the offices of the chancellors, prime ministers and presidents. All of this will largely resemble the Soviet era. risk of any. more terrible is not completely isolate a country economically very difficult. Then as Ukraine and Russia will communicate more , “- said Rahr.

“Actually, I did not fully believe that this scenario will be. We have a feeling that the West is not interested in the drift of Ukraine to Russia. I think, come a time when the West will understand - you can not pull the Ukraine, she herself blocks, and quarantines. way back will not, Russia will be rubbing their hands. At this point the EU include the reverse. first signs of reversing the EU towards Ukraine is already there. Despite the barrage of criticism, Azarov did take in Brussels on 15 May, although Van Rompuy stated that Azarov undesirable person in Brussels. Other commissioners also said they were ready for the meeting. not so simple and unambiguous, the EU assess the risks, “- continued the German expert. Answering the question whether management believes Germany is that Ukrainian officials succumb to the pressure and release the opposition, a political analyst said: “Management believes in the freedom of Germany Tymoshenko. Most German politicians hope that Tymoshenko released. Otherwise Ukraine pushes himself even more blind corner and completely ruin his image during the European Football Championship. Everyone else will only talk about Tymoshenko, no one will remember about the football. I am confident that with Tymoshenko in jail at the time of the Euro will be many demarches of the athletes and tourists. country’s image will be spoiled. For all these reasons, many in the German leadership believed that there was no choice but to let Tymoshenko. Germans and the country’s leaders believe that Tymoshenko will release before the Euro 2012. ” In addition, Rahr said: “The humanitarian aspect is very relevant in Europe - you need to let the poor woman and sent abroad for treatment. If you do, the West will breathe a sigh of relief. In doing so, the Europeans would retain a person, and that require and demand, and Ukraine did not listen. If Yanukovych help the EU to save face, firing Tymoshenko will quickly signed the Agreement on Association. conflict then quickly forgotten. This is the mood in the West “……

14 May 2012

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