Medvedev expressed his “great confusion” over whether, as in Ukraine belong to the opposition

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev calls the “huge surprise” attitude of the ruling power to the opposition in Ukraine.

He stated in Moscow at a meeting of the Council on the development of civil society and human rights.

“You will agree that in a certain period and I, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to make very tough statements concerning human rights in Belarus and Ukraine. It is not easy in fact, because it really is very close to the country. Even on a number of cases that are currently considered, they are to us very much offended, however, and it was my position, and I instructed the Foreign Ministry, in terms of persecution of political opponents is absolutely unacceptable, it casts a shadow on the state itself, for example, if we about Ukraine, and those who take such decisions, “- said Medvedev.

He said: “We can hate each other, we can say anything in his polemical fervor and in the heat of political battle, but when the defendants in prison are members of the presidential race, the direct rival to the political process, it at least raises a huge surprise, even with Given our rich traditions of the totalitarian. “

2 May 2012

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