Kiev, which “Gazprom” accused of gas extraction in the EU, recognized the “enormous consumption” because of the cold

Ukraine, which on the eve of “Gazprom” to the accused that it takes away the gas from European consumers, recognized that because of abnormal cold in the past three days, has used one billion cubic meters of gas. This was announced on Friday, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

According to the Ukrainian prime minister, the energy system of Ukraine on Wednesday electricity consumed a total capacity of about 31 thousand MW per day. “This enormous consumption have not yet” - Azarov said.

“It is very difficult now, the country and people is difficult,” - said Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Severe frosts have come to Ukraine last weekend, the thermometer in some regions of the country continue to record the temperature of 32 degrees below zero. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, on Friday the number of victims of severe frosts has grown to 101 people, including 64 found in the street.

Later it became known that the head of the Ministry of Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko has accused Russia of reducing supply, stressing that Ukraine fulfills its obligation to transport gas in full.

“We select the gas in strict accordance with the contract, but due to the fact that no gas from Russia comes (in full), then, of course, he does not come to Europe” - said Boyko on Friday.

“With the technical agreement of 490 million cubic meters a day with us today, supplies are at the level of 415 million cubic meters (daily volume of gas transit to Europe via Ukraine. - RIA” Novosti), “- he said.

On the eve of “Gazprom” after complaints of European consumers by reducing the supply of Russian gas, said that full compliance with export commitments, but the Ukraine, “sitting on the transit tubes”, the selection of gas has increased to levels higher than the contract.

In response to “Naftogaz” said the volume of Russian gas sampling is less than the contract level. Kiev once again assured that ensures the transit of gas to Europe in full.

Previously, several European countries said that they receive less than the stated amount of Russian gas

3 February 2012

Ukraine has significantly increased purchases of gas from Russia (the country’s authorities have repeatedly stated its intention to reduce the amount of purchased raw materials)
Ukraine rejected Russia’s electricity

• Ukraine increased two times the selection of imported gas »»»
According to CDU TEK, if with 5 to 17 January.
• Ukraine has significantly increased purchases of gas from Russia (the country's authorities have repeatedly stated its intention to reduce the amount of purchased raw materials) »»»
The current level of gas Ukraine corresponds to the annual volume of deliveries of 60 billion cubic meters.
• Ukraine will buy gas from Germany »»»
The State Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” signed an agreement on gas supplies from the German RWE Supply & Trading.
• Ukraine survive without the "Gazprom" »»»
Kiev managed to do this winter without Russian gas reserves Ukrainian underground storage enough until the end of the heating season.
• On Friday, Naftogaz paid 786 million dollars to Gazprom (EU received the documents for transfer "Naftogaz" 786 million dollars in order to pay for Russian gas) »»»
"Naftogaz Ukrainy" sent the Russian company "Gazprom" draft supplementary agreement, suggesting change in the conditions of the contract price, volume and conditions of supply of natural gas.