In Ukraine, the last off the pager

State Statistics Service states to discontinue using paging.

This is stated in the report Gosstata, text of which Ukrainian News obtained.

Thus, at the beginning of the 3rd quarter the number of subscribers of paging services decreased compared to Q2 26 subscribers to 0.

As reported in the April-June, the number of subscribers of paging services has not changed and remained at the level of Q1 2011 to 0.026 thousand

In 2010 compared with 2009, the number of subscribers paging decreased by 90.7% from 0.280 to 0.026 thousand thousand

21 October 2011

Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Kuzmina not give visa to the U.S.
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• Ukraine's GDP fell last year to a record 15% »»»
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine announced today estimates of the incidence rate of GDP in 2009.
• Ukrainians - some of the leaders in the queue for "Green Card". More willing to emigrate only in Nigeria »»»
Ukrainians are among the leaders who want to emigrate to the United States.
• "Gazprom" has received a letter from "Naftogaz" with the request for the resumption of gas supplies »»»
It is about nine months: the second half of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 Source: phototass4.
• Ukrainians pretend to be dead to get money from the state »»»
Social workers said they are increasingly faced with fraudsters who tricked into trying to get money from the state.
• Ukraine could lose the export of milk and meat because of the spread of the disease »»»
Ukraine could lose the right to export grain, dairy and meat products because of the spread from the Balkans virus nodular dermatitis, striking cattle.