Ukrainian nationalists staged a fight with the veterans

Nationalists tried to break through police cordon to prevent the deployment of Red Banner of Victory on the Hill of Glory in Lviv in the Victory Day.

On Monday, drove to a hill of Fame nine vans, which were about 150 people. Representatives of the nationalist organization tried to prevent the passage of the Hill of Fame coaches from the Great Patriotic War veterans, representatives of the parties “Russian Unity”, “Motherland” and the residents of south-eastern regions of Ukraine.

When the column appeared with the buses near the Hill of Glory, about a hundred people blocked the street and shouting “Komunyaku - on gillyaku (” Communists - the bitches “- rus.) Are not allowed to drive buses.

Against them were police officers in helmets and with batons. They drove the hooligans on the road. But when two buses drove the nationalists surrounded by the following two cars and began to shake. Police officers once again managed to push them to the curb, and all buses passed. Some police used truncheons. In the custody order flew plastic bottles.

“Law enforcement officials cordoned off the Hill of Fame, and only missed the bus passengers, clothing which was decorated with ribbons. Then on the Hill of Glory was raised a red flag. Pillar of law enforcement officers attempted to break the nationalists,” - said in a statement.

In addition, the nationalists were not allowed on the Hill of Fame people with ribbons on their clothes, resulting in a skirmish with them policemen.

9 May 2011

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• Ukrainian nationalists in the eyes of veterans in Lviv stamped on the red flag »»»
Lviv clashed during a protest members of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagniboka that on May 9 near the Hill of Glory publicly trampled the red flags, taken from the veterans.
• Russia prepares extradition of a Ukrainian nationalist, izbivshego veteran in Lviv »»»
In the Krasnoyarsk Territory police have detained a citizen of Ukraine, declared internationally wanted for beating a veteran of World War II on May 9 in Lviv.
• In Lviv forbade celebrate the anniversary of liberation from the Nazis »»»
Lviv Regional Administrative Court decided to ban the events dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of the city from the troops of Nazi Germany.
• More than 25 thousand people gathered for a rally in Kiev for the glorification of the UPA (Order of shares radicals protect four thousand policemen) »»»
On the march of Fame Ukrainian Insurgent Army had already gathered more than 25 thousand people.
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Kharkov law enforcers became a star Youtube. At this time, “distinguished” traffic policemen.