Student, zharivshuyu eggs in eternal fire, put in jail

March 29, 2011 arrested a student, a member of the National Union[/t[t:tag slug=obedinenie]Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine, leader of the artistic association “Brotherhood of St. Luke,” activist “Brotherhood” Anna Sinkovo.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Pechersk district accuses her of st.297 Part 2 of the Criminal Code (desecration of the grave. Is punishable by 3 to 5 years imprisonment) for participation in the Art of Anna shares with cooking eggs in the Eternal Fire in the Park of Eternal Glory “in Kiev December 16 last year.

According to the press service of “Brotherhood,” Criminal Investigation Department officers raided the apartment of Anna, seized the computer and all personal belongings. After questioning at the Pechersk district department girl immediately taken to the IVS (temporary detention), not to allow parents and legal counsel to meet with the prisoner to give her transfer.

“The following days in the district department and prosecutors Pechersk district lasted many hours of interviews with the investigator on the case of Dmitrii Turcan and deputy prosecutor of the district” - the press office of the organization.

April 1, despite numerous requests for bailment of public figures, members of the Kyiv Regional Council and the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, Kiev Pechersk court ruled - for the investigation to keep the girl in Lukyanovka jail.

Earlier artistic association “Brotherhood of St. Luke”, who will prepare eggs to the Eternal Fire in Kiev posted on the Internet the following statement:

“Already in 1953 from the Obelisk of Glory in Kyiv aimlessly burn precious natural gas. Taxpayers fun it costs around 300,000 USD per month, and it is only one pagan” eternal fire “, which throughout Ukraine are hundreds, perhaps thousands. In response, to this, December 16, Brotherhood of St. Luke’s held a protest in the capital’s Park of Glory, which clearly showed how citizens should enjoy the “Eternal Flame”.

Perturbed members of the Communist Party of Ukraine offer the example of Roman Vestal to clock duty near the “eternal fires” to support their longevity firewood. Without a doubt, the Communists have no problem with the task entrusted to them, because they already have experience of caring for the monument to Lenin in Kiev and much better funding than in the Roman Vestal.

Meanwhile, the organization of the Brotherhood believes such action is too provocative. “However, the overall message of the - right. At a time when the flats Veterans turn off gas, water and heating, and bailiffs for utility debts are selected military awards (the veterans) and television (in their poor grandchildren),” eternal flames “and other similar soaping eye is the apex of cynicism on the part of authorities. Memory - is primarily a human relation to the living heroes, not the monuments of the dead, “- said the press service.


5 April 2011

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