“They think that the Ukrainians as a species have from time immemorial”

“Romantic interpretation of the territory of Ukraine as a member, we none of us.” Russian “names did not steal We voluntarily abandon it.”, - He told the newspaper VIEW academician Peter Shcheglov, predicting a bleak future Ukrainian historiography. Earlier nationalists disrupted the presentation of his book.

“This action was clearly a planned character, was well orchestrated and became yet another manifestation of the clinical anti-Russian hysteria” - as the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the massacre, which activists “Freedom” party organized the presentation of the book of the famous historian Peter Shcheglov, “How went the Russian land.” Moscow hopes that the Ukrainian authorities will stop pumping Russophobic mood, emphasized on Smolenskaya Square.

The building of the Russian Center of Science and Culture, which has been assigned presentation material damage in Talochka address sounded threats of physical violence, then he told the head of Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Vorobyov representation. About what it claims presented rioters, in an interview with LOOK he told himself, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Archaeology NAS Peter Shcheglov.
VIEW: Peter, because the presentation you have broken, could you just explain what your new book is different from the previous ones?

Peter Shcheglov: I have a book on the power of ancient Russia, but to the subject of the origin of Russia, I crept only recently. A new book examines the age-old question posed by another chronicler Nestor, “Where have gone the Russian land.” For two hundred years, it has accumulated a very large historiography, expressed different points of view. Basic, probably two. One - the state and the name of the Eastern Slavs brought the Vikings, the Normans. Second - pochvennicheskaya: statehood arose independently among the Slavs, even before the arrival of the Vikings.

As an archaeologist, I quote, natural, and archaeological evidence. During the studies it was found about 15 castles 6-8 early centuries, based before coming to our lands and the Vikings and Khazars. This is a fairly furnished centers such point early state of growth.

Therefore, I am inclined to conclude that the state grows here on the spot, as a result of socio-economic development of the tribes themselves, which, according to Nestor, was twelve. It operates the largest tribal education - as they are called Chronicle, “reign” - is of particular fortified centers, one of which was Kiev.

Vikings, in fact, built into the system that was already in Russia, became the prince, mayor, tysyatskogo, although at home they were called “yarlami” and “kings”. But Russia did not call some “yarlstvom”, and the principality was. And Varangian princes quickly oslavyanilis. Even Igor was practically raised in a Slavic environment, married to Olga-Maid of Pskov. His son became the first prince Svyatoslav received the Slavic name.

VIEW: And what are your differences with the nationalists?

P. T .: Odds no I was not with them! Nationalists are not research the questions that I will explore. When they swept all the protection and broke into a Russian cultural center in Podil, I turned to him: “Let me tell you that in this book!” They are: “Yes, do not tell us!” - “Have you already read it?” - “No, I have not read, but we already know that you’re lying!” If people come in with this attitude, they do not come to discuss the differences and just disrupt the meeting. They failed in their task.

I must say that for Ukraine it is not so new. They’re stripped and performances, and meetings of the courts, which dealt with negligent “atoshnikami”. It is such a rule adopted today life, a kind of ataman. I can not understand why our government, the president is not to pay attention. Maybe because it is largely thanks to these people, and they came to power. But still it is necessary to rebuild the country, to Europeanize.

VIEW: According to reports, the nationalists are bringing to you and specific claims …

P. T .: As far as can be understood from their cries, they associate “Russian land” with Russia, not Ukraine. Here you are, they say, do not recognize that there was a Ukraine that were Ukrainians! I tried to explain to them that Russia - is our common, that while neither Russia was not, neither Ukraine nor Belarus. But they did not take. They think that the Ukrainians as a species have been for centuries. And if Talochka not agree, then it is unpatriotic.

VIEW: Supervised group of thugs deputy of Kyiv City Council, a member of the political council of “Freedom”, Igor Miroshnichenko. Judging from the photos, he still talked with you. What were you talking about?

P. T .: With this character I met in absentia, on TV, when I saw how they, together with the People’s Artist Benyuk beat the director of the First National Channel of Ukraine. I was then they made a very bad impression. But then I could not have imagined that something like then come across himself. The man with the woman’s hair for some reason decided that it can be the judge of all - and to TV director and academician and historian, although I do not know what it is education, that he was finishing. The only thing he kept repeating, like a mantra: “You are not you a Ukrainian - Ukrainian!” He shouted it to me. So, he was Ukrainian, he has the right to judge, and I - the defendant, the crest. This is the only thing that was shouting. And with a wave of his hand the hall chanted: “Shame Shame!”

Physically everything was correct, I will not be touched. But the moral - it was brutal, and I was ashamed of them. I tried to reason with them: “Guys, let’s talk!” Nothing! Blind insanity. Well, they came to perform the task. Someone they paid it. 40 people arrived by bus - it is clear that the event was organized. What should I do? In this reality we live in today.
VIEW: But you have opponents that do not hit the glass, and the polemic on the scientific level. For example, Stanislav Kulchytsky historian, who spoke in an interview with our newspaper, “We stole the name, it is we - Russian.”

P. T .: It is a walking point of view of many nationalists. It is incorrect because Russia was a common name. In poslemongolskoe time it formed three nationalities: Great Russian, Little Russian, Belarusian. Since the Russian government was structured, and it continued to develop with the same name. However, the name was transformed in the Greek version. “Russia” - so we called the Greeks. Belarus was not structured, but Belarusians somehow managed to keep the title. A very long time we were called Rusich - even in times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. But then our intellectuals, trying to understand yourself as something separate from Russia, started to use the word all the more, “Ukraine”. The fact that we - “Ukraine”, we, in fact, obliged to revolutionary democrats, starting with Taras Shevchenko, Dragomanov, to a lesser extent Kostomarov and others. This romantic interpretation of the territory of Ukraine as a whole belongs to us. No one in our “Russian” names did not steal. We voluntarily abandon it.

VIEW: Security Council secretary Alexander Turchinov in April, said: “The Ukrainians have a state with its capital in Kiev, long before the emergence of the Moscow ulus of the Golden Horde” …

P. T .: When there ulus, then Kiev was one of the ulus, if so to speak. Indeed, for some time, we came under the Golden Horde. And as a matter of fact, whether Turchynov historian, not an economist and a Protestant pastor, he would have known that Moscow was at one time part of the Russian general public space. It originated in the 12th century - of course, later than Kiev, and was not the capital, and the state acquired not by the Tatars, and thanks to internal development. Well, later in Kiev. And what’s wrong with that?

VIEW: The current political and moral atmosphere interferes with your scientific work?

P. T .: My beliefs are on the subject of knowledge, sources of knowledge. I have many years longer live in an era of Kievan Rus, than it is today. I explore the annals, I watch monologues. I am traveling with princes, to accompany them in campaigns and battles, disputing with the chroniclers …
In my professional work, all this can not affect in any way. But it will affect the work of the younger generation. I do not young, and some have a name, and an academician, not only in Ukraine. Can you imagine if you will like this put pressure on the young historian? They simply break. And tomorrow he was going to write only what they want to hear. This is tragic! As a result, we may lose the academic young generation.

VIEW: More raiders reproached you that you have published a book on the “Russian money”.

P. T .: This is largely true. Well, if I had published in English, they would then shout? They live on the American money, then emit a lot of literature. And there is nothing wrong with that do not see. The fact that the overall theme of the book, Eastern Slavic, interesting both for Russia and for Ukraine, and Belarus. I see nothing wrong with this. If a book someone has financed in the Ukraine, for God’s sake! But no one wants.

We must talk about the book - it is bad or good, but not about the amount of money it is published, or where it is presented. They shouted to me. And what you do not prezentuete book in the “Palace” Ukraine “. ?! Well, it’s all nonsense,” Palace “- a room for four thousand men Unless scholar can afford to present there his book In general, there came together in one point of hatred for me, and the hatred of Russia.

12 July 2016

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