State Fiscal Service of Ukraine will check the information on the offshore Poroshenko

State Fiscal Service (GFS) will verify the information on the establishment of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2014, the company in the British Virgin Islands, the head of GFS Roman Nasirov.

“Yesterday I instructed the Department of individuals to verify the information (about offshore - IF),” - he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

After the press conference R.Nasirov said that HPS will check all promulgated in the media information about offshore companies, including with respect to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov.

R.Nasirov said that HPS check whether an offshore company as the press wrote about it, whether it’s in the declarations, it was legitimate or not reflected.

As reported, Poroshenko after the inauguration of the president of Ukraine announced its intention to sell its assets, for which he hired the Rothschild investment company and ICU. However, due to the lack of buyers January 14, 2016, he said that it has signed a contract by which gave its stake in the corporation “Roshen” an independent “blind” trust (blind trust).

Within the framework of the project “Centre for the study of corruption and organized crime” (OCCRP) on the basis of the array obtained from an anonymous source materials on the offshore representatives of the world elite has released information that on 21 August 2014 the British Virgin Islands firm Prime Asset Partners Limited (BVI has been registered ), which is owned by Poroshenko. In the fall of 2014 Prime Asset Partners Limited Company established in Cyprus CEE Confectionery Investments Limited, which in turn is based in the Netherlands, the company Roshen Europe BV. In the published information also indicated that this corporate restructuring was a preparatory stage for further sale Roshen group.

Among the claims made by the head of state - the absence in his declarations of income, expenses and financial obligations for the 2014-2015 biennium. Information on the establishment of Prime Asset Partners Limited (BVI).

At the same time legal and financial advisors Poroshenko announced the full legality of the transactions carried out by them on behalf of his client, stressing that the establishment of companies in a foreign jurisdiction was the only possible way to transmit Poroshenko assets in trust management of the authoritative international structures.

They clarified that the company Prime Asset Partners Limited (BVI) was originally erroneously established with the nominal value of shares of $ 1, but the next day after the creation of the error has been corrected, and the shares were re-issued shares without par value. Advisors explained that in this case there is no need to obtain an individual license of the National Bank of Ukraine, as the capital of the country is not displayed.

According to them, from established companies no bank account and no operations are carried out through it, and the recipient of the payments in the blind trust after the transfer of assets will continue to be no offshore, and Ukrainian legal entity, so all the profit in accordance with the legislation and banking regulation will stay in Ukraine and the taxes paid on the spot.

In addition, the advisers said that the establishment of a foreign structure does not affect the “Roshen” taxation of groups of companies in Ukraine, which continues to pay taxes in accordance with legislation.

Corporation “Roshen”, one of the largest Ukrainian confectionery manufacturer, includes Kiev, Kremenchug (Poltava region.) Confectionery factory, two production sites in the Vinnitsa region, oil-Dairy “Bershad milk” (Vinnitsa region.), Two production facilities in Lipetsk region (Russian Federation), Klaipeda confectionery factory (Lithuania) and factory Bonbonetti Choco (Hungary).

5 April 2016

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