The “right sector” declared mobilization

The extremist organizationRight Sector” announced the mobilization in connection with the aggravation of the military conflict in the Donbass, said the 7th battalion of separate AQL SS.

“Due to the deteriorating situation in the zone of the special operation in the Donbas 2nd separate tactical group AQL SS announce mobilization, said the publication” Apostrophe “.

“Right sector *” - extremist organization, created a number of nationalist groups and to take an active part in the riots on “evromaydane.”
On the eve of a special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE stated that the Donetsk region increased the number of ceasefire violations.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is concerned about the frequent provocations on the contact line, as well as cases of skirmishes with the use, including heavy weapons in the Donbass.

On Tuesday night Ukrainian nationalist battalion fired on the northern outskirts of Donetsk.

On Monday, it was reported that Ukrainian nationalist formation during the night opened fire on a village in Sahanka Novoazovskiy region Donetsk People’s Republic, and fired mortars Zhabichevo village north of Donetsk and area “Volvo Center” in the Kuibyshev district of the capital DNI.

November 15 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that “the Ukrainian military have the right to fire back in the Donbass, where there is a deterioration of the situation.”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on November 11 meeting of the National Security and Defense said that in spite of the ceasefire, the situation in the east of Ukraine has a stable tendency to aggravate.

Since September 1, in the Donets Basin came into force on another truce, both parties and observers have concluded that it is respected. In late September, an agreement was signed on the challenge in the Donbass arms caliber of less than 100 millimeters and tanks from the line of contact.

21 November 2015

New mail will establish in Ukraine a thousand pochtomatov
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