In Kiev, he admitted that the diplomats can not buy ties

The economic crisis has hit the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. The former head of the Information Department of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin at a press conference said that the situation is currently so poor that diplomats do not even what to buy ties, so that many of them are moving to Casual wear and come in service in T-shirts and sweaters .

Poroshenko compared the deeds of diplomats with the feats of war, but why did the Foreign Ministry on such short rations sitting? Everything is so sad that you can not even imagine. People really are missing out on ties! - Said Voloshin. - I’ve joked that the Minister Klimkin introduced the right to go on Fridays Casual wear, as four days suits completely recorded, so you can come in a sweater, shirt or T-shirt. It’s insanely funny, but in any other country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not.

He noted that the diplomats - people with a good education, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and high qualification. However, the state for some reason, does not seek to encourage them to work, while preferring to constantly increase the cost of maintaining the army.

- The Foreign Ministry is now the average salary - 2,5-3 thousand hryvnia … Patriotism - it’s all good. Six months stretched on this year … Argue that in ATU worse, unprofessional - said Voloshin.

As previously reported LifeNews, the economic situation in Ukraine is a matter of concern not only within the country. The EU has said that can not indefinitely finance the state, not even a member of the union, and the government Poroshenko is high time to start self-help.

6 June 2015

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