In Glubokskiy colony number 13 was an attempted suicide group

According to unofficial information, some prisoners Glubokskiy penal colony № 13 tried to commit suicide.
28.07.2011 17:35
On the agency said ex-political prisoner Andrei Bondarenko. He now is director of information and educational institution “Platform”, which deals with compliance in prison.

It is reported that in June the prisoners prison hunger strike. They protested against the violations of law by the administration, including - brutal use of physical force against prisoners. Hunger strikers demanded a meeting with the Prosecutor General of Belarus.
In response, the prison administration was carried out massacre of prisoners. Most of the prisoners subjected to such measures could not move independently, but care was not provided to them. Some were forced to resort to extreme measures to protect themselves - to commit suicide. Convicted Kontyava Chikin and cut their veins and stomach, said Bondarenko.

28 July 2011

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