In Crimea, the Islamists stoned to death a girl for violating Sharia law

A week ago, in the Crimea, radical Islamists were executed 19-year-old girl - to the canons of Shariah “her stoned to death.

According to “, the body of Catherine Root was found a week ago in the forest belt near one of the villages in the Soviet area. Later on suspicion of murder has been arrested a resident of the village Soviet - 16-year-old Bilal Gaziyev.

“She studied with the murderer in the same college. He was constantly harassed, but he declines. Information on rape is not confirmed yet,” - said the head of the Ukrainian movement against illegal imigratsii Yaroslav Dunayev, adding that it is rumored that the criminals were three.

Villagers killed by “fear that once a decision is taken about his irresponsibility.”

“His parents have already said that he had a deviation in the psyche - a version of the village are actively spreading. But he was 13 years old attending lectures and graduated with honors from high school number 3, which is a Tartar, which is why, despite the age difference , they killed the girl went to the same group of local agricultural college, “- added a local resident.

At the same time, according to the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Crimea, the arrested confessed. On the issue of law enforcement, what reason led him to commit atrocities, he replied: “Just wanted to kill her.”

27 May 2011

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