New driver’s license in Ukraine will work 50 years (Our answer is “Convention on Road Traffic)

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree by which a new driver’s license of the international standard will be issued for a term of 50 years, according to Department of Public Relations Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree” On Amendments to the Regulations on the procedure for issuing driver’s licenses and access of citizens to drive vehicles, which stipulates that a new international standard driver’s license will be valid for 50 years, “- said in a statement.
“Such innovations are due to the provisions of the International Convention on Road Traffic, which requires the establishment of validity of driver’s license” - reminiscent of the department.
Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry emphasize that all national driving licenses issued before the entry into force of this decree of the Cabinet shall be valid in the territory of Ukraine and are not subject to mandatory sharing.

28 February 2011

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