The blogosphere was reported mutiny on the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, “Getman Sagaidachny. Navy Command refuted this message

The flagship of the Naval Forces of Ukraine “Getman Sagaidachny” is currently implementing a planned statement in one of the docks Sevmorzavoda in Sevastopol.

As have informed agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the press center of command of the Ukrainian Navy, on Tuesday morning flagship came from a parking lot, and not leaving the area base, has made the transition to Sevmorzavodu.

The press center is also refuted the information that the ship carries any unauthorized crossings.

The press service of Defense Agency also reported that “Getman Sagaidachny” is being repaired. The flagship of preparing for “Operation Active Endeavor in the next year, added the Defence Ministry.

Earlier, some media reports referring to one of the bloggers spread information about what supposedly in the Black Sea mutinied Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sagaidachny. The blogger said that after conducting naval exercises the ship allegedly refused to return to base in Sevastopol, protesting against low wages, strengthening of the Russian language and censorship in the media, “raised the flag of NATO and is moving to the southeast, presumably, in the Georgian port of Batumi.

26 October 2010

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