In Ukraine, found reserves of methane, which will last for 1,5 thousand years

The German and Ukrainian scientists have found in the Ukrainian economic zone of the Black Sea deposits of gas hydr[t:tag slug=gaz]gass[/t:tag] - ice containing methane gas, according to Radio Liberty, citing TSN.

These stocks can provide Ukraine energy for 1,5 thousand years.

Told head of department of Radiation and Chemical Biology, Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergei Gulin. He was the team of Ukrainian and German scientists who did the study of deposits on the bottom of the Black Sea.

“This is an intermediate stage of research at Sevastopol. While we have investigated the sea technology, which can not penetrate the thick sea of soil. We used underwater teleroboty that can be controlled from a distance. In addition, an acoustic, seismic, and other devices. Now we see a rough picture of the location hydrates. To clarify it, the next phase we will use the rigs to drill the seabed at 70 m, collect soil samples “, - said S. Gulin.

As explained by the Head of Marine Geology and Sedimentary Ore Formation of National Scientific and natural history museum Eugene Shnyukov, gas hydrates - ice that contains methane gas.

“In the Black Sea has about 15 seats, is gas hydrates. They are also found in Russia. There are gas hydrates in the Romanian Black Sea economic zone and in the Pacific in Japan. But most of them in Antarctica”, - said E. Shnyukov.

2 June 2010

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