Parliament Speaker called the residents of Eastern Ukraine “Moscow invaders”

Opinion of the east Ukraine on decommunisation can be ignored, as in Soviet times, the region was populated deliberately displaced from other areas of the USSR, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Andrei Paruby.
According Parubiya, in the east of Ukraine, “the Kremlin has put millions of Ukrainians.” The authorities of the Soviet Union allegedly destroyed the region’s population of “millions”, and then relocated to “Moscow invaders from other parts of another country.” After this it is not necessary to appeal to the local population in decommunisation issue, said the Ukrainian politician at the meeting of Parliament.

Paruby remembered and famine in the 1930s, during which the Soviet authorities allegedly “destroyed the descendants of the Cossacks” who fought for the independence of Ukraine.

In response, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the “opposition bloc” Vadim Rabinovich said he would seek the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament, because he insulted “three-quarters of Ukraine”.

In May of last year in Ukraine came into force a law banning “propaganda of Soviet symbols.” In accordance with the city and the streets named in honor of Soviet statesmen, should be renamed. From the Ukrainian geographical names should be gone more than five hundred names of historical figures. It is expected that all 940 localities will be renamed. The document caused a great resonance in society, since it had not been clearly defined boundaries of its application. The authorities have promised to make changes to the law.

3 June 2016

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