Monarchical democracy. Will the Swedish referendum on Ukraine’s association with the EU?

Translation articles about who pulls the crumbling Ukraine to the EU, although it no one there waiting.


In the Netherlands, recently held a referendum on Ukraine’s association with the EU. The event caused a wide resonance in the circles. Many are thinking about how to support the rising wave of opposition to the bureaucratic structures of the European Union. After all, in the end, democracy, which is so loudly spoken in Europe, it is the power of the people. Ordinary Europeans are not going to feed the more outsiders at their own expense, and inspires a precedent for new achievements.

It can not fail to understand the major European policies, and difficult for us to fully imagine what is being done in order to prevent a repetition of the scenario of the Dutch. Concerned “servants of the people” persist in promoting their (ie Ukrainian) interests. If we take Sweden, who is not Carl Bildt, is interested in the integration of Ukraine into the EU falling apart? His friendly relations with top politicians and the prospects for the Ukrainian political arena has already been said a lot. Bildt has something to lose if the Swedes granted the right of free will on the Ukrainian question. Especially since the right-wing forces have seriously engaged in this topic.

That occasion presented a successful 70-year anniversary of King Carl Gustav. If you examine the list of invitees, among whom, by the way, was present myself, Carl Bildt and his wife Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (which is the current EU parliamentarian), you can find a lot of interesting characters. In the event the royal family regularly gathers representatives of the ruling European dynasties and political leaders of the Kingdom. This format can not be avoided discussion of recent world events, and this took the chief lobbyist for Ukrainian interests in Sweden. After all, on the anniversary present, and near the Swedish royal family Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, once had great influence on political decision-making and has not lost it completely until now.

Between Swedish politicians and representatives of leading Swedish media (head of Swedish Television and Swedish Radio), diplomatic representatives of Norway and Finland ensued a discussion on the prevention of similar Dutch referendum on the whole of Europe. As a result, it was decided to create a new international organization, whose sole task will be to not to allow the views of ordinary Europeans to somehow influence the policies of the EU leadership.


The unity of Europe will protect a new international structure

During the multi-day celebration of the anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf, held in early May, dignitaries held a series of informal meetings to discuss including international politics. During one of these meetings, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildt suggested the establishment of a new organization to combat Euroskeptic in Europe. Most of the politicians attending the event praised the initiative of Mr. Bildt. According to available information, the organization will be called “Foundation for the Protection of the united Europe”, its main purpose will be the strengthening of the EU institutions and the formation of a common position of the European states in relation to the external challenges.
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28 May 2016

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