Undermining the power lines brought to the emergency situation on the Ukrainian nuclear power plants

First Deputy Director of “Ukrenergo” Yuri Kasich said that undermining gaining on power lines in the Kherson region has led to the disaster reduction capacities of Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

“All of these events have led to the need for additional emergency shutdown of the electrical network of two units at thermal power plants - the Dnieper and Uglegorskaya - and emergency unloading of nuclear power plants in Ukraine at 500 MW. This Zaporizhzhya NPP South Ukraine. I want to stress that such emergency unloading of nuclear power - it is very dangerous “, - quotes Kasich channel” 112. Ukraine. ”

Earlier, he said that because of the accident can be de-energized 50 areas of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Repair of the destroyed transmission towers will take three or four days on condition that repairers will have access to them.

Meanwhile, the so-called “participants in the blockade of the Crimea”, which block access to the failure of the bearing, said let repair crews into two transmission lines that do not provide energy Peninsula.

Power supply of the Crimea was broken on the night of November 22 after in the Kherson region of Ukraine supports damaged power lines. The peninsula is a regime of emergency.

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