Beer will be the deficit (Half of the Russian market of beer is out of the law)

Plastic bottles in which bottled and sold every second liter of beer in Russia, may be banned because of the new regulations of the Customs Union (CU). The first alarm sounded Ukrainian suppliers, who said yesterday about the possible loss of the Russian market. But even more sensitive to ban plastic bottles for Russian consumers. Moreover, including for those beer lovers are not.

Ukrainian brewers said yesterday about his concern possible ban implementation in the vehicle of beer in plastic bottles (PET bottles). This is related by the general director of “Ukrpivo” Galina Korenkov. Cause for concern, Ukrainian producers found in the draft technical regulations “On the security of alcoholic beverages”, which is preparing the country’s vehicle. Adoption of the rules will negatively affect the export volumes of beer and the beer industry in Ukraine, said Korenkov.

The Federal Service for Regulation of the alcohol market of Russia yesterday, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” reported that the technical regulations at the stage of the first discussions of concerned departments and the public discussion has not yet started. So, to say the adoption of specific standards and their implications is premature. However, market participants believe that a ban on plastic containers in the technical regulations will be recorded and concern of all alcoholic beverages. Assumptions about the initiators of the prohibition of market participants heard a wide variety - from vodka to glass and aluminum lobby. Experts also causes a lot of questions and the fact that the ban on plastic packaging is discussed only in relation to alcohol, and about other drinks poured into plastic bottles, the officials somehow overlooked.

9 September 2011

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