By the arrival of Patriarch Cyril in Kharkov will clean amusement park, and Lenin will close with a cloth

In Kharkov, preparing for the visit of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. It was reported that he will stay in town for two days 7 and 8 May. Officially, the visit is timed to the 90 th anniversary of the Metropolitan of Kharkiv and Bogodukhov Nicodemus, which, incidentally, has noted on April 18.

Among other things, May 8, the Patriarch will deliver a sermon before the congregation at the largest square in Europe - Freedom Square. There have already started to mount the stage.

According to a source, “the Chief”, who is familiar with the organization of the visit of Patriarch, security measures have been taken in connection with the arrival of Cyril, unprecedented.

“That did not happen even during the visit of Medvedev and Mr Yanukovich in April last year,” - said the source.

In particular, given the command to remove from the Freedom Square Amusement Park. According to “The Chief” working rides, “May 7, we should not be here.”

There were also disputes over where the scene should be installed where the patriarch must turn to the congregation. The fact that the Orthodox canons, a pulpit from which to pronounce the sermon, in the temples located in the eastern part of the church. If we imagine that the Kharkov Freedom Square - is a temple, Cyril should read the sermon on the street side of Sumy. Thus, the patriarch will apply not only to parishioners, but also to Lenin monument which is set in the western area.

Organizers still went to a violation of church tradition and is now mounted the stage, “the pulpit” on the north side of the square. Ie Lenin will be on the right hand of Cyril. However, according to our source, is now solved the question of how to “cover” of Lenin that he should not embarrass the faithful. As a working version, a proposal than some curtain monument to the leader.

Recall, this is not the first time a statue of Lenin prevents directors. Thus, in the promo video
“Including Ukraine!” Which prepared for the championship of Euro 2012, a stone idol just “wiped out” from the area.

4 May 2011

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