Fire in train Moscow - Russian tourists Evpatoria left without money and documents

Today in the Zaporozhye region there was a fire in a passenger trainMoscow - Evpatoria.

According to the press service of the Ukrzaliznyci in 6.08 in the Zaporozhye region distillation Fedorivka-abundant due to a breakdown of stop cock was stopped train № 201 message Moscow - Evpatoria. At 6.15 the fire was detected in the seventh with the head of the train car. Substantive steps have been taken to evacuate the passengers and the separation of the tail and the main part of the train from the train. Also operative was withdrawn voltage for unpaired and paired ruts.

At 6.25 from Melitopol left two fire trucks, and from the station “Melitopol - fire train. At 7.20 the fire had been completely eradicated.

Injured and killed in a fire there. Causes of fire set.

“Pogorelyi of Moscow - Evpatoria towed to Melitopol

The fire in the train “Moscow - Evpatoria” could be a short circuit.

This was reported UNIAN PG MOE Zaporizhia region with reference to the Head of Aleksey Lepskiy.

At the moment, according to the MOE, which was interrupted by a fire the message is restored. Wagon, part of which is burnt out, towed to the alternate path.

Train Moscow - Evpatoria “hauled in Melitopol, where the victims of the fire - the Russian citizens remaining in the fire without belongings and documents, are reserved seats in the two hotels.

Railway communication is restored to 8.13, thus managed to avoid escalating the incident in an emergency situation that would arise if the movement was interrupted for more than two hours.

Passenger trains that stopped emergency in the Zaporozhye region due to a fire in the train “Moscow - Evpatoria” militia provided drinking water.

As UNIAN reported in the Department of Public Relations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in a fire this morning on the stretch between stations Fedorivka and abundant in the train “Moscow - Evpatoria” was

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