Cod Wars (18+)

I’ve been thinking, how to understand and boring to talk about great (without quotes) victory over Iceland’s tiny British Empire in the so-called “Cod Wars“. And I do not think of anything better than to describe all the 18 years of war in the roles. Sorry, but the mat, without in any way. It is a cautionary tale for modern Ukraine, and not just for her …

So Cod Wars.


The British Empire - a population of about 51 million people, a nuclear state.

Iceland - a population of about 300 thousand people, the army no.

NATO - an alliance that will consist both Britain and Iceland.

Other countries - the Soviet Union, Germany, the US and others.

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23 December 2015

Verkhovna Rada began to refuse to vote for the budget of Ukraine for 2016
Action Battalion “Aydar” carried terror among the inhabitants of Kherson region

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