404 Country Ukraine through the eyes of Ukrainians

The fact that we see almost two years observing the Ukrainian action, not even interesting. Crammed on edge. As cancer: swallow the medication is still possible, but the likelihood of cure is minimal. But that’s our opinion. And when someone publishes the opinions of Ukrainians - is another matter. Especially if it is not a “censor” and a more relaxed and experienced people in certain organizations.

More professional in terms of public opinion research seems to international research team TNS, with offices around the world, including in Russia.

And TNS group with the participation of the US Agency for International Development USAID conducted for the Ukrainian World Policy Institute survey on the topic “What do Ukrainians about Ukraine?”. The results of this survey are extremely disappointing turned.

So, what do people think the Ukrainians on such an important topic as the association with the word “Ukraine”? Judging from the data that are collected workers group TNS, they think they do not really accept the person.

It surveyed more than 20 thousand Ukrainian citizens in 14 cities. When the survey was allowed to select up to three proposed results.

The corrupt and inefficient government - 24.6%
War, conflict, destruction, grief - 20.5%
Poverty, poverty, the decline of unemployment - 14.3%
Chaos, confusion - 7.8%
The instability, hopelessness - 4.7%

Total: 71.9%

There are, of course, and those who have a more pleasant associations. There could not be. But the amount of yielding of the first category.

Homeland House - 16.0%
Ukrainian attributes, flags, embroidery, cornflowers, fat, gorilka, borscht - 8.1%
Independence volnolyubiya, freedom of speech and choice - 7.7%
The country with the potential of a European country - 7.3%
Welcome, joy, peace, tolerance - 4.2%
Nature, beauty - 4.0%

Total: 47.3%

And could not decide 20.5%.

The latter figure is remarkable. It turns out approximately 4000 respondents Ukraine in general with nothing synonymous. Indeed, the country is 404 … But - move on.

Next in the poll was the second point. Very remarkable. What is the main obstacle in the way of Ukraine to the EU?

Corruption in Ukraine - 84.7%
The activities of the oligarchs and their clans - 72.5%
Lack of economic development of Ukraine - 56.9%
Ukraine is not considered a part of Europe - 21.0%
Ukraine has not yet proven its dedication to European values ​​- 13.4%
Other - 5.6%
We could not decide - 2.3%

In reality, you begin to believe in the relative objectivity of the survey. Indeed, the different categories of the population surveyed. Surprised more.

Where is Russia? Where is our angry Putin at war with Ukraine? Let me remind you that the survey was conducted Ukrainians, but American money. TNS group therefrom.

Strange …

2 September 2015

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