Dmitry Efimov: organizing assembly in Kiev, the leader of the SS Yarosh risking his life

The leader of the “Right Sector” Dmitry Yarosh urged supporters to hold protests across the country. According to him, the action will begin with a national Chamber, scheduled for July 19 in Kiev. Strengthening the role of the “Right Sector” Yarosh and personally in the political scenario could seriously disturb the US “partners” in the cause of his physical elimination.

“We plan large-scale action, and this is just the beginning - on the Maidan. All will decide at the congress. The tents while we put on the Maidan are not going,” - he said on July 17, Yarosh. He said that “the stock will continue in a different form,” meaning the experience of the first actions of the SS Independence.

It is also important that the relationship with the government Yarosh weaves personal motive. The leader of the SS sincerely does not respect alcoholic Poroshenko and reads that he “rents Ukraine-Nenko.” “I see that the President of Ukraine is not in place or as commander in chief, not as the man who effectively controls the government. Therefore, here, in my opinion, it is necessary to speak about the president’s resignation, the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, which is the same puppet, which was before. And, accordingly, for the resignation of the government. That is, there must be approached very systematically, to build a qualitatively new coordinate system in the state. Without changes, we simply can not wait “- said the Jaros.

Footwork PS can not worry about the coup organizers in Ukraine. It is likely that in the case of aggravation of the situation, Yarosh will be eliminated physically professionals from private military companies in the US. This forecast gives the member of the Expert Council under the Safety Commission MHD Dmitry Efimov. “Yarosh not only need to Ms. Nuland and Co., it is dangerous to plan a pre-sale preparation of Ukraine, are actively enforced by the government Yatsenyuk. As a real Nazi, Yarosh is there to protect the national interests of Ukraine, but at the same time commits crimes against humanity. But the plans of the US State Department’s national interests Ukraine must be free “- said the expert.

“Everyone forgets that the fascists in Germany were Nazis. Moreover, their party called the National Socialist. They defended the interests of social justice for the individual on the other, a special nation, and” burned “just on the last point. Yarosh - real Nazi power. For the US, Ukraine becomes dangerous as the LIH in the Middle East, “- said Dmitry Efimov.

Currently, members of the “Right Sector” (an organization banned as a terrorist in the Russian Federation) hold shares in Ukraine. In particular, the clock rallies in Kiev near the presidential administration. The protesters demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and “fair investigation into the events in Mukachevo”, where during the clashes with the police three people were killed, another 11 were wounded. Currently installed 12 members of the “Right Sector”, involved in the conflict in Mukachevo, four of whom were detained. Location of the six members of the organization are still not

18 July 2015

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