“Today, the APU running out of ammunition to all, without exception, artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems. Fighting nothing” - Igor Korotchenko

“Units that are on the front line, recently received ammunition written off in 2001. The document was attached to the cancellation of the box as a bad joke. One of the men was almost killed by such parcels. During the bombardment used grenade launcher, which is not fired, but self detonated after 18 seconds, “- said one of the soldiers.

“Today, the Ukrainian armed forces are running out of ammunition to all, without exception, artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems, so in fact fight today has nothing to Ukraine”, - said Igor Korotchenko, a military expert, chief editor of “National Defense”.

A lot of unexploded ordnance, which are dotted with settlements Donetsk and Lugansk regions, - further evidence that the Ukrainian security officials last months of war munitions second and third categories, those that long to be written off. Housewife locals engineers DNR daily take out shells of gardens, gardens, homes. For example, the eight-meter rocket pierced several floors. She came to the center of Donetsk.

From the beginning, the so-called anti-terrorist operation Ukrainian military fought through the Soviet legacy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Kiev received at least one and a half million tons of ammunition.

“During the Soviet republic, Ukraine was the main receiver of ammunition. Later Ukraine implement and ammunition sold to countries that had artillery and other weapons production still Soviet times. Also, Ukraine is the disposal of ammunition. Stocks of ammunition, which were produced in the Soviet Union and Ukraine directly coming to an end, “- said Sergey Kaliskin, in 2009-2011 - Deputy Head of Supply rocket munitions Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Defense Ministry.

Accessories for military equipment from Ukraine to buy even the United States - for the Iraqi army. What own tanks at the same time were understaffed, Ukrainian generals did not care.
Tanks with broken guns and isolation
bubbled towers, say experts - the result of the Ukrainian command uses the shells fired back in the 70s and even 50s.

16 March 2015

Kolomoysky shook oligarchs in Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of its recognition of bribery
Drunken Adventure “Right Sector” blow up everything

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