Officials skimmed off funds earmarked for the victims of Holodomor Memorial in Kiev

Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, BYuT representative Mykola Tomenko said, identifying the main Audit Office of the facts of embezzlement of funds for the erection of a memorial to the victims of famines Kiev. This he told the press today, December 17, a REGNUM correspondent in Kiev News.

In particular, according to Tomenko, the Supreme Arbitrage reported that the use of funds realized from the violation of a number of regulatory and legislative acts that regulate activities in the field of construction and use of budgetary funds. In particular, as at 04.08.2008 (the date of the contract) “Directorate” did not have permits and other documents to carry out the construction and financing of construction of the memorial complex. Until 21/11/2008 the construction of the memorial was held without permission of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction Control in Kiev to perform construction work. At the date of receipt of permission has been mastered more than 86 million UAH. budget.
In addition, during the audit found inflated value of the works on construction of the memorial complex on 1,6 million UAH. Than damaging the state budget by the amount, and found the operation of budgetary funds, which are signs of doubt, the amount of 3 million . UAH. Facts overstated value of the works found in all affected the control of the artists works. Also during the audit found that certain expenditures of budget funds need further investigation by law enforcement agencies. Main Audit Office has also informed that the audit materials prepared for transmission to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

17 December 2009 | administration, facts, famine, kiev, means, memorial, sacrifice

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