Ukrainian political analyst: During the blockade of Russian trucks Kiev faces a fine from the EU

Lock Russian trucks transiting to Europe, could turn penalties for Ukraine. Such an opinion was expressed by Ukrainian political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko.

According to him, almost all products, which is in the locked wagons have already been paid money. And, therefore, it is not the property of Russian and European consumers. “European consumers have every right to bring a claim and Ukraine require the government to ensure uninterrupted supply of goods other will require serious penalties -. It is from Ukraine”, - wrote Bondarenko on your page to Facebook.

He recalled that on 16 April to be held a referendum on association between Ukraine and the European Union. “Who suffers? Russia?” - Bondarenko asked.

In some regions of the Ukrainian nationalists have blocked Russian lorries traveling in transit through Ukraine, reminds RIA Novosti. The blockade began in Transcarpathia and later acceded to a number of areas. Protesters try to stop the transit of trucks from Russia through Ukraine to the EU, the complete cessation of trade with the Russian Federation and to ban the Russian business in Ukraine

15 February 2016

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