Ukrainian political scientist Iskander Khisamov: Poland prepares pressing land mines of Donbass and the Poltava region

In the short term, one of the biggest problems in Ukraine will be Poland.

With such a forecast at a press conference in Kiev, the correspondent of “PolitNavigatora” by the Ukrainian political scientist Iskander Khisamov.

According to him, the active support of Warsaw signing of an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU is associated with far-reaching Polish national interest, because Ukraine has committed itself to carry out internally the European legislation on the restitution.

“In Poland already created multipart registries Polish property, which concern not only in Western Ukraine, but also the mines of Donbass and the land of Poltava, - the expert said. - This is a huge scrip money. And Ukraine, signed the agreement already signed a verdict about the restitution of what we do prefer not to talk. The more, the greater will be the pressure of Polish owners and the Polish government, which will become more and more demanding: we give these palaces, ha, mine, or at least compensated. Even the trials begin. ”

However, the analyst believes that Ukraine does not want to give anything, but because the process will go into political scandals and quarrels.

“I did not mention the possibility of territorial claims that the weakening of the Ukrainian state will obviously increase, - said Khisamov to another potential problem. - But this is leave out. But the problem of restitution will be, and I think it will be one of the major problems in Ukraine in the future. Already, by the way, there are events in the western areas, people need to be somehow integrated with Hungary. In other words, this front will be opened very soon. “

21 December 2015

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