“My appeal - all at home, you are needed there”: a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter spoke out against the war

Famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Filimonov, who visited the DNI, made out reports for the 17th channel and conducted one of the videoconferences with the participation of the late Alexis Brain brigade commander received a summons in the Ukrainian army.

This Filimonov himself wrote on his page on the social network.

“Dear friends and subscribers, in the late evening they called me and said they had found” a piece of paper “that you see in the pictures in the mailbox at the address where I am registered. This paper is made in the best tradition of horror stories for the” suckers “, those government considers citizens - a reference to the great ranks and terrible structure outlined the prospect of two to five years in prison, and the bottom is decorated with three seals, “- wrote the journalist.

According Filimonov, getting agenda was his sign, which he had long been waiting for.

“This letter, which has come as far as I know, many people of Kiev could be just the law” not to notice. “But for himself decided that this is the sign, which had long been waiting. I believe that” paying “attention to this letter can save not a single life and his soul. In the quiet resolve that’s all you can not argue with me, because now it’s all just theorizing. I’m so not interested. And interesting experience “- says the journalist.

Dmitry Filimonov says he is not ready to be a victim of war or a useless cripple.

“On the agenda of people do not go, or just make up. Passed probably stage. The tool that you see in the picture, is designed for those who are deprived of their liberty is afraid more than kill or be killed. Despite the justifiable fears that all calls to break through information blockade the truth about reality, many children still go to the ATO. They come under the pressure of the glorification of war, fear of being branded a coward - they will not be good soldiers. They are, at best, will get psychological trauma, and at worst will die or remain crippled. And no one except them Volunteers will not be needed. I’m not ready to be a victim, “- says the journalist.

The journalist also said that the current war - it is absolute madness, and business as usual, and encourages the authorities of those who fight, throwing the front and go home.

“War - this is also the belief and the right to be confused with his duty, without declaring martial law and war. Everything that is happening is just business and grinding mechanism with drive that can pose a danger to the ruling clique.

What is happening absolute madness. We must each host in place to restore order and eventually we can take the conditional Kiev and Moscow conditional. And let it be people who love Kiev and Moscow love. Take the power of belief. Our great nations can regain peace in their heads and on their lands. My appeal - all at home, you are needed there, “- said Dmitry Filimonov.

He also intends to achieve through the courts the constitutional right not to serve in the army ……….

30 July 2015

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