Cheese War (Ukraine do not like in Russia is controlled sale of meat at retail)

The State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service believes that the monitoring system in retailing meat in Russia threatens Ukraine epizootic welfare, the report said Gosvetsluzhby.
“According to Ukrainian experts, this situation creates conditions for further spread of the disease on the territory of Russia, threatening with epizootic welfare of neighboring countries”, - stated in the service after the meeting President Ivan Gosvetsluzhby Bisyuk and Deputy Eugene Rosselkhoznadzor Nepoklonova.
In particular, special concern is the lack of Ukrainian Veterinarians in Russia Unified walkthrough turnover of food products, which includes the control of security in the pre-sales storage, control conditions for the realization trade networks, as well as control of food waste recycling.
In addition, Bisyuk noted that his office, passing the reorganization, will provide effective control throughout the production and processing chain - from field to final consumer. He also proposed to send to Ukraine Nepoklonovu group of Russian experts to examine the features of the updated Gosvetsluzhby.
Recall, January 8 sanvrach chief of Russia Gennady Onishchenko said that Russia may agree to limit imports of agricultural products from Ukraine. The reason is that the Ukrainian authorities intend to pay under the supervision of Veterinary Services the authority to control the food and nutrition. Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishenko criticized his speech and demanded an apology.
Then the Federal Service expressed concern about the cheese products from Ukraine, the quality of which, according to the agency declined.

17 January 2012

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