At the focal point of the Crimea blockade discovered Russian citizenship

Deputy Bakhchisaray City Council of the Republic of Crimea, the head of the news agency News Front Konstantin Knyrik said on Facebook, that the coordinator of the blockade of the peninsula Lenur Islyamov is a citizen of Russia.

“Faithful and inveterate patriot of Ukraine, it turns out, for the convenience of doing business, even in 2011, became a citizen of the Russian Federation. I wonder how it will explain Islyamov, and indeed, his brothers-in-arms and blockade would react to this?” - Wrote the deputy.

Knyrik also placed on the page in a social network photo copies of Russian passports Islyamova. “Turkish investors” blockade “be surprised or not .. It makes sense to announce its citizens wanted and require the issuance of Ukraine?” - He added.

23 May 2016

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