Political unrest in Kiev that Washington used the heavy “artillery”

No resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will not be. The United States will impose a temporary order in its mandated territory and settle down for a few months.

This conflict has been brewing. Maturing debt and systematically. Local elites, disappointed in the results of the Maidan, began to put spokes in the wheels of American democracy, alluding to his indispensability and demanding loyalty regular handouts. And this democracy went through it, “paver” in concert together and powerfully.

Thundercloud over Kiev was going for a long time. In the autumn of 2015 it was clear that the battle between the groups are guided by the President of Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk not escape. Too great a contradiction between them. Even the arrival of US Vice President Joe Biden could not affect the determination of the Ukrainian elites to play their game.
Fathers and Sons

In Poroshenko guided much of the old elites, who has 25 years of robbing their country and believe that it is their exclusive right and what is not possible without their participation no changes in Ukraine. These are the forces that supported the serially all modes of Kuchma’s Ukrainian to Poroshenko. They initiated coups and Maidana under the guidance of the American “friends”. They were convenient to the dual-track policy and squat alternately a curtsy to Washington or Moscow. Their money lay in the West, and the factory worked in the East. And now the time has come when the country grew a purely pro-American young shoots and Washington decided to rely more on the old elite, closely linked through their businesses to Russia can not be more. In general, all that binds the two countries should be destroyed: industry, culture, family ties, etc., what they see and pledge his future victory.

And these plans, more and more is in contradiction with the interests of the old Ukrainian elites who really do not want to be on the ash heap of history.
On the other hand, it has grown and matured group of people oriented towards the western values ​​(absolutely everything, including and non-traditional) and totally independent from Moscow. They are just as robbing their own people and knock together capitals, taking them to the West. But they do not have factories. And this is their main advantage. They quietly and without sentiment be allowed under the knife and Ukrainian enterprises and absolutely will not bother reproduction for their training and maintaining a minimum intellectual level of the masses.

On the contrary, for them educated man is not only not necessary, it is dangerous. He is a danger to the new regime, and because “no Dostoevsky or Tolstoy,” he does not need. If we pay attention, just such people make up the so-called “Yatsenyuk team.” It was joined by numerous, spaced Washington Vikings. Yes they are the reformers, but disastrous for the reform of the Ukraine, which we all knew.

All 2014 and 2015, Petro Poroshenko, as an experienced apparatchik sat in the shade as much as possible for the president of the country in which a civil war. The economy was given to plunder the new reformers, which very quickly led her to complete disorder. It is not surprising that most of the negative public fell on the head of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whose political rating has slid quickly to zero along with the rating of its political power. This and decided to take advantage of Poroshenko, has just won a round of battle with Kolomoisky, for strengthening its authority and power of the “old guard”.

Their demands are clear and logical. They do not mind making fools of Ukraine’s population, they are happy to be waiting for the collapse of Russia, and even help in this, but they do not want to lose everything. Yes it all. They well remember the case of Pavlo Lazarenko, one of the first Prime Minister of Ukraine. Having become unnecessary for the US, he was charged with the assignment of public money and is enclosed in a US prison. After many years of his release, he left already poor. All the money taken away. True and Ukraine they have not returned, and left himself. On each of the old elite member, you can make a similar criminal case (even though in the Ukraine in the US, at least in a third country), and the people of Ukraine will have to give someone’s scalp. Obviously, under the knife will they, used to the maximum and become useless and even dangerous to the owner.
That is what made the elite of Ukraine to forget many of the old squabbles and unite around Poroshenko and start to put a spoke in the wheels of the American team. That’s about it, and said in his address, Minister of Economic Development and Trade (economic degradation) Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius:

“Today, I have decided to resign from the post of Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. I and my team do not want to be a cover for blatant corruption or controlled puppets for those who want in the style of the old regime to establish control over public money. I do not want travel to Davos to meet with foreign investors and partners and tell them about our successes, while behind me solve some issues in the interests of individuals. ”

What this move, not caring resign obvious to all. It is no accident almost immediately that officials unanimously supported the ten most influential ambassadors in Ukraine:

Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk,
French Ambassador to the Republic of Ukraine Isabelle Dumont,
Federal Republic of Germany’s Ambassador to Ukraine Christoph Weil,
Italian Ambassador to Ukraine Fabrizio Romano,
Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Marius Janukonis,
Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Andreas von Bekerat,
Swiss Ambassador to Ukraine Guillaume Shoyrer,
British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough,
United States Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey R. Payette,
EU Ambassador to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky.

Statement by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his right hand in Arsen Avakov government sounded in unison:

Popular Front faction in Parliament will not vote for resignation of Minister Abromavicius in Parliament. It is necessary to build and help creators. (Arsen Avakov)

“My position is the following: we will continue to fight and work If someone is not satisfied with one of those factions, which are represented in parliament, they have a constitutional right to put a resolution of no confidence to the government, to find the most and take full responsibility (Yatsenyuk.. )

Yatsenyuk openly blackmailing the president that he will not make concessions and is ready to abdicate responsibility. Obviously, this is just fine words, and that such a step “Yatsenyuk party” supported by ambassadors from Europe and North America has delivered an ultimatum to the president. Poroshenko and his people should give up the desire to reformat the Cabinet in its favor and stop to interfere with the IMF to destroy the Ukrainian industry, that is, to accept the budget, which was agreed by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko (another varyazhka from the US) and the Fund’s mission.
Possible consequences

No resignation of the Cabinet will not be. Perhaps President Poroshenko retreat and temporarily stops podsizhivat Arseniy Yatsenyuk, but the Cabinet shake-up is imminent. He is not yet ready to take responsibility in the country. And probably never do.

According to the results of another round of devaluation of the hryvnia, the decisions will be taken, which wants the IMF and Kiev will receive the next tranche. In general, Washington will put a temporary order in its mandated territory and a few months can be calm.

George Nizovoy

The opinion of the author may not necessarily represent those of. The author is a citizen of Ukraine.

4 February 2016

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