“Do not wait for a bullet in the jug”: Kiev journalist Ravrebe moved to Moscow

After a series of murders in Ukraine Kiev known journalist, blogger Maxim Ravrebe family moved to Moscow. It is reported “Channel“.

“I did not wait for a bullet in the jug” - quoted him as saying edition. The journalist added that, despite numerous threats, he until recently did not want to leave from Kiev.

The decision to move to Russia influenced the recent killings, in particular - Oleg Kalashnikov and Olesya Elderberry. In addition, on the eve of Kharkov received a message about the abduction of another civil activists opposing the current authorities.

“They did not like that all the time I called to disperse the Maidan to hell, or war will be. If my faith is based on the belief that their faith is based on the money,” - said the Kiev journalist.

According to the “First Channel” Ravrebe previously been a leading Ukrainian TV channels, but recently he was invited to broadcast only Russian transmissions. The journalist was never afraid to speak the inconvenient truth for the Ukrainian authorities. And he is not the first media workers sticking opposition views, who moved to Russia. At the airport Ravrebe with his family met the famous Ukrainian journalists Oksana Skoda and Armen Martirosyan.

22 April 2015

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