Ukrainian anti-terrorism know-how

After the Dnepropetrovsk “terrorist attacks” in Ukraine started this urnofobiya. In various cities of the urn strongly expelled from the streets, as if, garbage containers - the only place where you can lay a charge, and eliminating them, we can defeat terrorism in the country.
Yesterday in Donetsk came Yanukovych, and the center for the night, of course, now all concrete urns. Terrorists, on seeing this, cried, became angry and went to Iraq, where the urn away not guessed. The President is now in complete safety.

But the cooler just arrived in Rovenky Luhansk region. The authorities of the town, imagines that their hole is of interest to terrorists, have not found anything better than polyethylene bins roll up at the train station and other public places.

It would seem that beloved city can sleep peacefully, but no such luck. The terrorists in Rovenky found a considerable number of supporters. Saboteurs were throwing trash right on the polyethylene. Leaky and burning through the protective layer of cigarette butts, thus exposing the terrorist threat civilians.

Then the steel boxes with sand, and only then bandaging. But the main thing! The main thing is * lyat, what next to them are put garbage pails because they throw it away anyway you need.

Above the photo, I laughed for five minutes. In my opinion, this is the most accurate illustration of magnus * ECA, the creative mind of our citizens. Dude, throwing garbage in the bins rolled up reminds me of a cat that continues to scratch reflex paw your pot, even after I stopped there to pour a special filler. Of the bucket, I’m not talking - it’s Nobel Prize, no options.

16 May 2012

“Unbelievable” (Odessa Young beat two “Golden Eagles”)

• Slava Zaitsev did not like the "Russian" bucket on the Lvov fashion show »»»
During a collection of his Ukrainian counterpart Uljany Barabash, on the catwalk came a bucket, painted in the colors of the Russian flag.
• In Odessa unknown concreted entrance to the nightclub »»»
In Odessa, on February 3 night walled nightclub SkaZka, located in the city center, on the street Catherine.
• MP in Zaporozhye opened fire to defend themselves against "junk lustration" »»»
In the Zaporozhye region Energodar local deputy opened fire with a shotgun near the building of the city council.
• What we need to know about Independence »»»
Independence is not a revolution. He is not anti-Russian. South-eastern Ukraine - not against European integration.
• Forgot to congratulate Yanukovych on his birthday Ternopil »»»
President Viktor Yanukovych congratulated Ternopil happy city, but greeted with a similar holiday Donetsk.