Prime Minister Putin - a very difficult person

Russia is very important for Ukraine,” - said Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said in an interview with Larry King, shown in the evening on December 22 Ukrainian First National TV Channel.

“We get all the energy from Russia as gas, oil, oil products and more. Russia for us - it is one-third of our turnover. In Russia there are two million Ukrainians, they could not find work in the Ukraine and went to work in Russia”, - said the head of Ukrainian government, responding to a question about the significance of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. However, Azarov noted that with the Russian leadership is difficult to negotiate and reach compromises. “Vladimir Putin - a very difficult person. When he has a purpose, he wants it hard enough and it is very difficult to reach compromises. Do not always work to find common ground,” - he said. Next, Azarov said: “But we still try to negotiate, but where we denemsya? It is a reality.”

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As reported news agency REGNUM, December 21 Deputy Chief of Party of Regions faction in Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Zubanov said that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has lost the respect of many Ukrainians because of unwillingness to revise the gas contracts. “I knew a lot of people who respected Putin. This is my social circle - east and south of Ukraine. But today, a lot of people simply ceased to respect him for that attitude to Ukraine, to the neglect of relations with our people for the sake of some temporary cash infusion. The people are not understands that if we - the brothers, then why do we have a contract, as the enemies? Even with the Germans, the price more. It turns out that shared history is worth nothing to those who now sits in the Kremlin “- said Zubanov.

25 December 2011

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