Russian language equated to the public half of the regions of Ukraine

Lawmakers from the Ukrainian “Party of Regions,” made in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on which the Russian language is equated with the rights of Ukrainian. On August 29 this says “Ukrainian Truth”.

The draft law “On basics of the state language policy” consolidate the Ukrainian minority languages ​​(among them - the Russian, Belorussian, Tatar, Yiddish and others) the right to operate on a par with the state.

For example, if the bill passes, the 13 regions of Ukraine the Russian language will be recognized as a regional and can be used in all spheres of life of these areas, including public authorities at all levels. The only exception will be the Armed Forces and other military units of Ukraine.

In particular, the regional languages ​​will be used in legal proceedings, investigation, business. In passports, diplomas, military documents and other documents information can be made at the option of the national or regional languages.

Also in the case of a law on language policy reforms aimed at its realization, will be held in the areas of education and the media.

In autumn 2010, the Verkhovna Rada introduced a draft law “On languages ​​in Ukraine”, according to which the Ukrainian language in the country would remain the only state, however, all restrictions on the use of Russian would be removed. Until now, the bill was not passed.

Meanwhile, some regions of Ukraine were previously with their own initiatives aimed at changing the status of Russian language. In particular, the special status assigned to the Russian language in Odessa, Zaporozhye and Lugansk regions.

29 August 2011

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• Ukrainian MPs offer free use of the country's Russian language »»»
The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada propose to secure for the Ukrainian language status of the state, and Russian to provide the free operation in virtually all spheres of activity.
• Yanukovych's ruling Party of Regions ready to give the Russian language official status, while at the regional level »»»
The ruling Ukrainian Party of Regions has already prepared a draft law on granting the Russian language official status at the regional level.
• Yushchenko ordered all citizens to know the state language of Ukraine »»»
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko approved the concept of state language policy, reported the Ukrainian News.
• Parliament of Ukraine adopted on first reading a bill to grant the Russian language the status of regional »»»
Parliament of Ukraine adopted on first reading a bill on the foundations of the state language policy of providing Russian language the status of the regional in 13 of the 27 regions of the country.
• Russian language has official status in the Ukrainian Justice »»»
President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich signed the Law of Ukraine “On the Judicial System and Status of Judges adopted by parliament on July 7, 2010.