In Vilna fined Ferrari with Belarusian rooms (photo)

This happened on July 27 in the center of the Lithuanian capital, according to the portal Euroradio. Several citizens called the police, reporting the violation. Upon arrival, police saw that the car is very rare and expensive. This is a favorite millionaire Ferrari 458 Italia. The price of this car starts at 230 thousand dollars.

The troopers wanted to drive a supercar on guarded parking, but soon came the owner of the car. He was a fine - about $ 20.

28 July 2011

UN has accused Belarus of violating international agreements
In Glubokskiy colony number 13 was an attempted suicide group

• In Kharkov Ukrainian traffic police and customs officers seized a car at the visitors from Russia »»»
In the Kharkiv region Ukrainian customs and traffic police officers robbed a citizen Russia car Nissan worth 40 thousand dollars, placing it at the car pound.
• Ukrainian minister said that he was fined in Poland for the flag of UPA »»»
Ukrainian priest Andrei Budzak said that the Polish border guard named UPA flag in his car, "the banner of Polish bandits and murderers" and fined because of the black-and-red flag.
• Law enforcement authorities verify the sources of the cash assets of the judges, who "bought himself on holidays overseas rock stars." »»»
“What kind of judges who meet salutes to 100 thousand dollars, drive expensive cars, accompanied by three jeeps and bought myself on holidays overseas rock stars?
• In Kiev, without payment of parking will not be released »»»
Since March 1, Ukraine will have a unified parking regulations on paid parking.
• Legalized dictatorship in Ukraine! »»»
President signs all laws adopted January 16, thereby legitimizing the dictatorship in the country!