In Kherson (Ukraine) have found a draft protocol the results of local elections … will be tomorrow

In Kherson the Committee of Voters of Ukraine revealed flattened draft protocol on election results, the mayor and city council deputies.

As UNIAN file - pre-”calculated” results of votes and a summary label “winners” in all districts. According to this “election results” in Kherson, defeated the ruling party and the incumbent mayor.

“According to the” protocol “the current mayor, won with a score of 30%, while its competitors behind him at 10 percent or more. At the same time, the results of sociological study researches, which were unveiled on the eve of the ban ratings indicate that the current mayor has not even part of drawn support from city residents, “- commented the” protocol “head of the organization of” the social dimension of Kherson Igor TRUBAEV.

30 October 2010

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