In Berlin, Yanukovych mixed Italy and Ireland

It happened during a speech before Yanukovich representatives of the German public at the Hotel Adlon.

Bundestag, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Germany Gernot Erler said Yanukovich on his views on European integration of Ukraine.

Yanukovych, in its response began to recall how in 2003 the then European Commission President Romano Prodi said on the absence of prospects for Ukraine’s EU membership, while Yanukovich as Prime Minister was supposed to react.

“And then in 2003 was the Ukraine-EU summit in Brussels, and on the eve of the summit Romano Prodi of Ireland - do you remember who that was - he said that Ukraine has no prospects for EU integration … I was one of First, who was to give him an answer. ”

“And I told him firmly:” If this view of the European Commission - is one thing, and I would like to hear it officially. And if this is the point of view, Romano Prodi - let her not agree. For it is not you decide to Ukraine in the EU or not “- said Yanukovych.

As is known, Prodi is known in Italian, and not the Irish politician, president of the European Commission in 1999-2004, at one time he also twice led the Italian Government.

In developing his idea, Yanukovych called as witnesses in the audience the Minister for Foreign Affairs Konstantin Gryshchenko.

“And then we had a hard conversation at the summit. I think Gryshchenko was then Minister … or not … He was a little later … Who then was … was your predecessor,” - “Yanukovych said.

He was not able to recall that the Foreign Minister at that time was Anatoly Zlenko.

31 August 2010

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