In Kharkov, we stopped five military factories. Lviv - Three

Financing of the Ukrainian army is completely disrupted, he said at conciliation board factions of the Verkhovna Rada of the head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence Sergey Pashinsky.

According to him. only through the APU and the National Guard under the deputies can gather in Kiev and to organize political debates. He also protested the fact. that in the course of the conciliation board is only representative of the “People’s Front” remembered about the army.

“For them, the army and the security of our country - it’s a different planet … So there will be those snot and screams for the Protection of the Ukrainian people … Ukrainian people are not you protecting and MAT, and the National Guard under the border guards.”, - The politician, suggesting deputies to deal with the financing of the army.

“It completely disrupted state defense order -.. 20 per cent is a war Prior to that, there is no one to do in the city of Lviv three large defense plant Lviv, ask the deputies that they have done to these plants do not stand in Kharkov is five defense plants….? . We’ll talk more on this subject, but I want to reassure all: demagoguery and populism will not, and will protect the real interests of our country “, - promised Pashinsky.

8 September 2016

President of Ukraine Poroshenko said today about the threat of “full-scale invasion on the part of the Russian Federation”

• In the south-east of Ukraine and Crimea will detachments to protect the State Construction Committee - Kolsnichenko »»»
In Crimea, and in the south-east of Ukraine will be established vigilante groups to protect public order and the Constitution, said MP from the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko.
• Minister of Defense of Ukraine declared its neutrality Army »»»
Ukrainian Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev said that the armed forces would not intervene in the confrontation between the current government and the opposition.
• More than 25 thousand people gathered for a rally in Kiev for the glorification of the UPA (Order of shares radicals protect four thousand policemen) »»»
On the march of Fame Ukrainian Insurgent Army had already gathered more than 25 thousand people.
• Ukrainian border guards missed the international observers from Russia, who were first stopped at a checkpoint »»»
Ukrainian border authorities denied entry to the country group of Russian nationals - international observers from the CIS-EMO.
• Ukraine should be part of air and missile defense system in Europe - Turchynov »»»
Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov considers that Ukraine should protect yourself and become a part of air and missile defense in Europe.