Kiev: “This pig Putin, we still do not insert”

RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU Ukrainian TV presenter: Putin again rubbing his hands, “a pig Poroshenko he has not enclose.”

In the Rostov prison sigh of relief, a stone fell from the shoulders, former and current militants “Aydar” through his teeth, gently, so as not to incur the wrath still dancing crowd, and without removing the smiles from the faces, quietly drain “rare bitch”, and Ukrainian leading to channel 1 + 1 to announce problems for Poroshenko and Tymoshenko after homecoming prisoner №1.

All this is the flip side of the coin “triumphant” return of Hope Savchenko Ukraine, after at the highest level, it was decided to exchange it at the Russian citizens.

Kiev still comes to life, after his hands “sailed it,” he is still receiving congratulations from the European Parliament, EU officials and their overseas sponsors, but a chill, from not too warm meeting stayed and Tymoshenko, which seemed Savchenko It owes much and Poroshenko, who is trying to learn a full initial benefit from its release.

While Nadia went to drink their “three liters of vodka,” by which she missed being in the Rostov jail and eat “undercooked soup” Mom, the first person in Ukraine is already feverishly calculate their next steps.


Savchenko as a person or an official few people are interested, beginning the struggle for the image that was created around the West Ukrainian prisoner all the two years of her being under investigation, as he has not confused and is perceived by many in Ukraine and not only informs

Already at the airfield Boryspil many lined up to grab a piece of the image and “sit down next” to “the great Ukrainian victory”, but could not see the man Savchenko that rush into the first embrace.

Bouquet from Tymoshenko and Poroshenko took behaved emphasized detached and Ukrainian media after the first enthusiastic reports already wondering - who is “sidelitsa”.

Leading TV Channel 1 +1 Alexander Dubinsky openly called liberation Savchenko “pig, which Putin Kiev has not enclose” and promised a fun political season.

27 May 2016

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