Lord, what about the debt?

Ukraine had a deadline for repayment of current debt[/t:[t:tag slug=dolg]debt, which expired last year. Experts say that the chance to settle the situation between the two powers there. Negotiations can proceed with the participation of the IMF and G7.

Club creditors agreed on debt restructuring, including partial write-off of its future. It is known that the Verkhovna Rada had imposed a moratorium on the payment of any debt of the Russian Federation.

At the moment, the situation remains unresolved. On the part of the Russian power are of the opinion that Ukraine does not raise the future path of development in the settlement of the existing problem …

12 January 2016

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers Ukraine's debt to Russia amounting to $ 3 billion of official obligations.
• Yatsenyuk threatens Russian legal war in case of cancellation of the debt restructuring »»»
The Prime Minister said that Russia will again be asked to restructure the debt, and in the event of Ukraine is ready for trial.
• The US Treasury has called on Russia to restructure the debt of Ukraine »»»
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called on Russia to accept the idea of ​​restructuring the debt of Ukraine, which will enable it to gradually become a solvent due to the development of the economy.
• Russia has refused to forgive the debts of Ukraine »»»
Russia still does not intend to restructure the debt of Ukraine at $ 3 billion, he told reporters, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.
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Kiev demands from international creditors write off 40% of the Ukrainian debt.