Media: Public Chamber of Russia will give the ECHR suits against Ukraine billions of euros

If an international court to satisfy all claims of infringement of people as a result of military operations in the Ukraine, the latter will have to pay around € 5 billion.

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and other human rights organizations have collected materials 17 th. Claims against the State of Ukraine and intend to apply them to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Each lawsuit describes the violation of the rights of one person or one family during the war in the east of Ukraine. This “News” said a member of the Public Chamber Georgy Fyodorov. About 500 lawsuits have been filed, 400 - taken into consideration. Typically, the amount of compensation claims indicated for moral and material damages in the amount of 300 thousand. Rubles. Therefore, if the ECHR will satisfy all 17 th. Claims Ukraine it will cost about € 5 billion. Fyodorov hopes that the meeting on the first claim to the ECHR will begin before the end of this year.

In one of the lawsuits tells the story of 53-year resident of the city of Makiyivka (Donetsk People’s Republic). In winter near her home fell shell - shock wave struck the wall, the fire started. Mary was then at home with her granddaughter.

- Most of all suffered granddaughter, she was only 6 years old - told “Izvestia” Maria. - It is now more health problems - and with the heart and stomach. She still constantly stomach ache. Doctors say that it is all caused by stress.

House repair nothing, so the windows are still without glass - they delayed the film. And in those rooms, where the punched walls, Maria and her family just try not to go.

- We would like to receive minimal assistance, even building materials because they do not exist, and to pay pensions (one thousand hryvnia per month), we can not buy it yourself, - she said.

In the application form, aimed at the ECHR, said: “The use of artillery fire with a large radius of destruction in civilian areas should be seen as a deliberate attack on civilians can not be justified under international humanitarian law, in accordance with Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.”

In the form it stated that the applicant had requested € 150 thous. In respect of pecuniary damage and € 150 th. For non-pecuniary damage.

Also filed a lawsuit, which refers to the other residents of Makeyevka - 45-year-old Michael.

- Projectile went straight into my garage, - he said. - The house is partially destroyed the blast wave smashed windows. Mom, that 70 years was thrown, she fell and broke her arm.

Family Michael barely found the money to bring the house in a more or less normal.

- We are restoring the entire street, building materials we obtain on their own, even now there is no wood to cover the roof or conduct other work, all the bases are empty, - said Mikhail.

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10 July 2015

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