“You left your native shore, and to the other and do not stick”

… I do not remember the details, but still left the aftertaste from the possession of happiness and discovery. It was 30 years ago. Holding in his hand 1 ruble and 10 kopecks, I came to the newsstand early, before its opening, waiting to take the young lady and sort the press, and then later received a sample log. New, yet nobody even throughs. It was called “Vsesvit”. And so in Kiev I was doing a lot of my friends who, while on this side of the “iron curtain” and not foreign languages ​​possessing sufficient, would learn about the latest foreign literature …

… Until 1993 “Vsesvit” published exclusively foreign literature, which is not just a translation into Ukrainian language and translated for the first time in the Soviet and then post-Soviet space. It was, as they said, novyak novyakov. And many who owned at least the basics of Ukrainian, then read the Ukrainian magazine in Ukrainian. Excellent literary language. Intelligible and understandable. Melodious and saturated with meaning and wonderful national raisins-features. You can imagine today such acquainted with the contents of the Ukrainian mass media (especially television), listening to the language in which they say, seeing the expression on people speaking? Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho …

In another Soviet film “The Man from Boulevard des Capucines” character actor Michael Sveta, anticipating a fight in a saloon, cover the mat with his parrot cage with the words: “Now you can see what you do not ever have to see.” Today, the same hero, hitting the transport in Kiev or sitting front of the TV, their ears glued to the parrot tape with the words: “Now you can hear something that should not ever hear …”. This wildest, fusion, illiterate, flavored with absolutely zhlobski accent of unknown origin even longer surzhik and primitive nasal chatter without carrying virtually no information, other than “Hey, otse-GTR, and-and-and, well, come on”, ready to bring up to madness. If you start to listen to what they say …

But I understand the term “others” or “other.” It is not the province of the village and not come to Kiev, the city and “scoop” is not very intellectual development, but still beautiful, well-groomed, intelligent and not smelly. Not for the hearing nor smell. This leaves Kiev today, immersed in hopeless denseness provincial (in spirit and essence, not geography) always secondary lowest zhlobstva poshiba.

With the stench from the mouth and from the armpits, dirty (rarely with washed clean) socks for flip flops and sandals, with a matted and poorly combed hair unwashed for a long time, with cries of “Galya! - Shaw !? - Ydy Dodoma, Genryh vsravsya!” from the balcony to the street and the whole area, not help the entire bus or subway car, forced to share the grief of juvenile victims of unintentional involuntary defecation inadvertently parents, who at this time to nibble sunflower seeds on the floor and “otse-otokaly” they think ” on rіdnіy movі. ” Although Ukrainian correct “rіdnoyu movoyu” …

9 July 2015

“This is Ukraine, baby …” An unexpected result of Maidan: The Russian language in Lviv Ukrainian thronging
Media: Public Chamber of Russia will give the ECHR suits against Ukraine billions of euros

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