In Minsk, sell the air for 15 thousand for the bank

Manufacturers are not going to stop there. Coming soon in saleAir Bialowieza Forest”, “Air Logoisk”, and eventually even the “air of Belarus.”
24.08.2011 13:01

Such a souvenir can now be seen in the capital’s shops. The company, which specializes in air conditioners, and now sells souvenirs. To make the value proposition and attract customers, vendors gather in small jars assorted aircraft. A third is filled with air from the Old Town, on 15% of the banks is air October Square and the “Minsk-Arena”, 10% - Gorky Park, the National Library, the Victory Square and the Minsk Sea. Expiry date expires in 2067. It was then the capital of Belarus celebrates the millennium. More …

24 August 2011

Accused of blowing up, “Mom, do not believe what they say. I’m not going to give up”
In Sevastopol, deployed a 15-meter flag of Russia (Organizer: Independence Day holiday is not it - day of mourning)

• In Kiev, without payment of parking will not be released »»»
Since March 1, Ukraine will have a unified parking regulations on paid parking.
• Russia no longer depend on Ukraine in the production of missiles »»»
Russia no longer depend on the Ukrainian company “Motor Sich” in the production of engines for missiles.
• In Sevastopol built analog Disneyland »»»
In Sevastopol, a theme park planned by the type of Disneyland.
• In Kiew, verkaufen Silberbüste Belarus (Foto) »»»
Kaufen Sie eine Statuette für 1052 kann Dollar. Autor: 2011.
• Ukrainian parliament has refused to officially recognize the red flag of the Banner of Victory. Flags raised over the Reichstag, considered a symbol of Russia »»»
Verkhovna Rada refused to adopt the draft law amending the