In Odessa opened fire on a psychiatrist for patients from Russia

In Odessa, a psychiatrist opened fire from a traumatic gun on two Russians who went to him for advice. It is reported by UNIAN.

According to the doctor (some of Alexei Alexeev), patients behaved aggressively and tried to attack him, so he had to use a weapon. The police, according to television station ATV, confirmed this version.

The incident occurred near the office Alexeev. On reaching the place of work, he found the two Russians who were consulted in the past few weeks. According to eyewitnesses, the conversation between doctor and patient took place in a raised voice (which led to a skirmish, not specified).

The psychiatrist tried to reassure interlocutors, but not succeeded. “They were nervous, aggressive - said Alexeyev. - Knowing that they might resort to violence, I took out a gun and made two warning shots into the air.”

Russians such behavior is even more angry. One of them, according to the doctor, picked up a brick, the other - a piece of rebar. Then the psychiatrist opened fire. One of the patients he found himself in the stomach, another in the thigh. After that, patients had escaped. Alekseev, in turn, called the police.

In Odessa managing the Ukrainian Interior Ministry confirmed that the story of a psychiatrist untrue. “It is established that two Russian citizens have squabbled with the doctor and decided to forcefully prove their case. Armed with a piece of rebar and bricks, they tried to pounce on the doctor, and he used in self-defense weapon registered”, - reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Patients have found and taken to the police station. After they testified, they were released. According to the Odessa police station, the home of the Russians to go for treatment.

11 August 2011

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