Archimandrite Habakkuk reminded about the sanctity of the Sabbath

Archimandrite Habakkuk, a cleric of the Poltava diocese of the UOC MP, reminded the orthodox believers of the importance of the fourth commandment of God’s law “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy”: “The problem here is for serious researchers of Scripture really is … Christians continued to read as much on Saturday to 321 years . Sunday afternoon is set to worship in 321 year civil decree of Emperor Constantine the Great. If you worship on Saturday found himself in God of thunder and lightning theophany (Epiphany) in the Sinai, the Sunday set the earth’s natural man, even the king. And there was a special second Theophany at Sinai abolished Saturday. It is. “

10 June 2011

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• Patriarch Kirill has restored the decision Hundred Chapters Council »»»
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill pointed to the Sabbath as God intended day of rest.
• Patriarch Kirill told about the day Saturday »»»
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill made an important statement for the entire Christian world.
• Lawyer of Ukraine offered a hundred thousand euros for the biblical text about the sanctity of Sundays »»»
A unique opportunity provided by the priests, not only to reaffirm the legitimacy of Sunday’s celebration.
• The priests did not confirm the sanctity of Sundays »»»
Neither the three-month period, no amount of one hundred thousand euro has not helped the priests conducting the service at the temple on Sundays.
• Palestinian painted in Kiev the largest painting in the world »»»
The largest painting in the world, oil, on Thursday presented in Kiev.