Yanukovych has come up as the army include the expense of others

Increasing the number of Ukrainian peacekeepers in trouble spots today - not a bad option for Ukraine. This will allow for the proper level to maintain his army at the expense of others, that Ukraine is very important. On this day, February 8, in comments to REGNUM Ukrainian political analyst, said Yuri Romanenko.

“The decision by President Viktor Yanukovych to send more of our peacekeepers in Ivory Coast as a whole is correct. Our army is now a serious problem with material support. See the latest news on army theme - the Ukrainian military are hungry. A line of them in the UN contingent in such business - a good way to legally feed and the Ukrainian army at a decent level. And that is especially good, providing your own Army Ukraine can for others. So a reasonable solution, “- said the expert.

According to Yuri Romanenko, the political influence of Ukraine through participation in peacekeeping operations will increase, but only slightly. And here is a niche provider of high-quality military force may well be Ukrainian. “Of course, political influence in a country that actively participates in peacekeeping operations is increasing. Not very much, but still growing. That is the very fact gives a certain growth of the prestige of Ukraine in the world. Remember, at one time Switzerland has supplied the best soldiers for the whole Europe. And the Swiss mercenaries were considered the best in all countries. Perhaps it is this niche will be able to take the Ukraine “, - added the analyst.

8 February 2011

In the hands of the government of Ukraine will be all the personal data file
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