Unit “Cobra” was trying to impose a fine governor of Odessa for traffic violations. I could not.

Governor of Odessa region, Eduard Matviychuk yesterday morning trying to fine the special forces GAI “Cobra”. This was told the witness the incident Arthur M. writes resource Somments.ua.
“It was near the porch governors. A few minutes after arriving at the governor’s Mercedes-SLK, drove two cars,” Cobra “and began to” extrude “the driver Matviychuk that that something has broken. The noise came out the governor himself and abruptly they” kicked ” , stating that he had the head region. But the traffic cops sharply replied that they did not care - you need to pay a fine! “- told the witness.
According to Odessa, as a result of protocol violation of traffic rules was drawn up.
The Head of the incident refused to speak, but noted that the situation “have decided on the spot.” And the press service of GAI Odessa reported that the conflict had not heard, and explained: “The Cobra” has been working in the city on Sunday.
Special unit “Cobra” came back to the roads of Ukraine since November 2010. Under their sights executive class cars.

18 January 2011

In the Crimean preserve shot tourist
Yanukovych got down to business Yushchenko, “hospital of the future.” Violations in the use of charitable funds (about 24 million dollars) collected in the five years of the project, not detected. Hospitals, too.

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