Grocery Revolution: from the EU to Ukraine can come Items “second” grade

Food will be less, but it is cheaper

The Ukrainian market of products waiting for serious changes, analysts warn prodrynka and economists. Causes - reduced living standards and the devaluation of the hryvnia. Of course, the shelves are empty, but scanty range and quality of the goods of the lower price segment - cheap sausages, cheese, butter, dairy products - will worsen. Also, some experts expect the advent of cheap products from Europe, made especially for Ukraine, according to our standards, which is less strict than in the EU.

CHANGES. “Due to the fact that the beginning of the work of a free trade area with the EU, in our stores will soon massively start to import cheap pasta and dairy products from Europe, but the packaging is written that they are made of the food treated waste, -. Predicted the president Ukranalittsentra Alexander Okhrimenko . - In the 90 years this has been: we imported from Poland many cheap yogurts, chocolates, cookies, rolls and chocolate These products are safe for health and the cheaper it because it makes for simplified technology - using naturproduktov substitutes. ” .

Director informkopanii “ProAgro” Nicholas Vernitsky also admits that such products may appear, but doubts that they would be a lot: “It is no secret that the EU production of the same name is produced for the domestic market, according to strict EU standards, and the export -. in accordance with the requirements of the buyer country, which allow the use of dyes, stabilizers, substitutes, banned in the EU can deliver them to us in large quantities only if there is demand And whether he will -. shows the market. ”

QUALITY. But the quality of Ukrainian goods on the shelves has declined, and it is acknowledged by the retail chains. “We will now take longer cheap sausages, cheeses, dairy products, groceries, because they sell better - told us the top manager of a major retail chain, Vladimir Molchanov -. There is also a premium-segment But he sausages, for example, is limited to 10. 12 positions, and a year ago it was twice as much. as for the middle segment of sausages (100-150 UAH / kg) and cheese (80-100 UAH / kg), it is very unpopular. Especially impoverished fishing range as not focus on imports, and Ukrainian manufacturer. Now there are many private fish farms, growing carp, silver carp, crucian carp and so on. d. “.

According Vernitsky, the worst with sausages “. Competition is great, and the price is therefore difficult to raise the manufacturers reduce costs, adding to the stuffing more than fat, cartilage, and partially replacing pork chicken”.

PRICES. According to the analyst of the consulting agency “AAA” Maria Kolesnik, is not due to the opening of our market to evrotovarov price growth, but also decline can be expected. “It was expected that the consumer will have access to high quality European products at lower prices due to the abolition of duty, but the devaluation of the hryvnia.” Ate “all the benefits - told us Kolesnik -. Therefore, for example, cheeses and sausages from the EU are implemented mainly in the the premium segment, and greenhouse products, with the exception of sweet pepper, mainly coming from Turkey. ”

Kolesnik predicts that prices on the Ukrainian market in the next month or two will be determined by the stability of the hryvnia. Little influence can have a seasonality: the expected decline in purchase prices of milk, meat, eggs due to spring increase milk production, weight gain and egg-laying hens, as well as a rise in price of vegetables - due to storage costs.

Incidentally, in February about 30% cheaper eggs and 5-7% - sugar. A dozen eggs is 14-16 UAH, and not 22-23 UAH in January, and a kilo of sugar sold by weight - 14,99-15,2 UAH (UAH was 15,7-16). Vernitsky explains the recent intervention sugar on the market of the Agrarian Fund, but predicts that it briefly, since its reserves are low there. “In opte sugar prices are already rising closer to the summer can be expected that the retail price will rise above 20 USD per kilo.” - Explained to us Vernitsky.

9 February 2016

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